A little bit about us

Roscy at work in her kitchen
In 2012, founder Elizabeth Liu was looking for a low-cost alternative to cow’s milk for her lactose-intolerant toddler.  After discovering there was no such product available in Shanghai, Elizabeth perfected the first batch of Realicious Almond Butter.  Since then, the Realicious butters product line has expanded to include other nut and seed spreads.

Irene Mulkerin took over Realicious in 2014.  Irene has a background in both Science and Psychology and understands that the foods we eat have a profound impact on both our bodies, our minds and our spirit.  Irene moved to Shanghai from New York City in 2011 and brings to Realicious a passion for healthy, high quality foods that are both accessible and delicious.

Roscy took over Realicious in 2016. Roscy is passionate about staying healthy, fit and active. When she came to China last summer she was looking for nut butters, specifically almond butter, and found Realicious butters at Kate and Kimi.

She tried it and simply fell in love with it. When she heard that Realicious Butters was looking for a new owner to continue the movement, she jumped at the chance.

While the owners have changed, she has taken a lot of care, and effort to make sure the artisan butters stay the same – healthy, nutritious and as always delicious!